Deliberately Inconsistent with Nigel Coates

Friday Takeaway

Jun 24 2022 • 30 mins

Team Takeaway were thrilled to be back in the studio this week with their phenomenal guest, the acclaimed British architect and iconoclast, Nigel Coates.

Launching his autobiography, Lives In Architecture, we discuss Nigel’s phenomenal career, his inspirations, his leadership style and what it takes to be such an extraordinary creative, stirring up the architecture scene for over 40 years.

As we continue to pursue our quest to uncover why creative leadership is so vital for businesses to thrive, in a searingly honest account, Nigel talks about his own personal style, how it has evolved and how being ‘deliberately inconsistent’ enables him to work with outstanding teams around the world.

Exchange, respect and trust are common themes as Nigel talks about group dynamics and how to inspire the people he works with.

The Takeaway? Creative Leadership is about finding balance, being able to listen and above all build trust.