S2 ep 10 Icons...sort of.


Oct 20 2022 • 40 mins

We talk about Icons and logos and as always a bunch of stuff

Artsplanations is a podcast that is focused on answering questions about art for the non-artists, art lovers, artists, and everyone in between.  Our hosts Andrew and Joanna discuss the topics in a plain and easy to understand way that doesn't require any knowledge of the Arts or Art History.

you can find a list of things we reference/mention on our website www.artsplanations.com

* Sorry we are behind on season 2 life has mad it difficult to keep up with this part of the pod cast :( *

we dont tweet much but find us on Twitter @artsplanations https://twitter.com/artsplanations

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Intro and background music provided by The Joy Drops, from the Free Music Archive. Roll Jordan Roll by The Joy Drops licensed under a Attribution License, (CC BY)