0018 - Three issues with religions today, and how we can solve them.

The Unlearning Playground

Jul 28 2022 • 22 mins

In the modern world, there are three broad kinds of issues we face when it comes to perceiving and talking about religion, god and spirituality.

Join me as I walk you through these three problems and how we can go about solving them. After all, the greatest merit in pointing out problems lies in at least trying to put forward solutions too. That’s exactly what I’m doing in this episode.

The content here is not specific to any single religion, or even any specific train of thought. I claim that it is applicable to all the religions out there.

Is that too much to claim?
Only one way to find out.
Dig right in.

Here's the podcast playlist (about understanding god, religion and spirituality) that I talked about in the episode:

(00:00)     Prologue
(01:04)     I believe
(08:43)     I don't believe
(12:08)     I don't care
(13:55)     Why say all of this?
(18:03)     How to understand God?
(19:16)     A short zen story, coz why not?
(20:48)     Ending


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