0015 - 1 powerful way to understand reincarnation, rebirth & karma - A simple nondual explanation

The Unlearning Playground

Jun 16 2022 • 18 mins

For almost all of us, the way in which we perceive the idea of reincarnation, rebirth and karma - both believers as well as skeptics - is limited.

Join me, Chetan Narang, in this episode of The Unlearning Playground podcast to go into the depth of understanding these heavy terms. We unpack what these terms do not mean, what are the misconceptions surrounding them in our everyday interpretations of them, what we need to let go to actually digest the nectar of what they were always meant for.

I try to provide a nondual explanation of reincarnation, rebirth and karma that is in line with an understanding of Life that does not warrant any belief or faith or bias - all you need to do is to sit with these words in the most honest way possible, especially when they do not resonate with you. That is, after all, when we need honesty the most.

All said and done, let's get into it.

I'll see you in the playground.

(00:46)    Karan, Arjun & superficialities
(03:36)    Why understand reincarnation?
(05:18)    The ocean of Life
(10:59)    The rebirth game worth the candle
(13:54)    The nectar of Karma
(16:50)    Ending


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