0002 - Being one with everything | 1 very easy way to understand this | The separation fallacy

The Unlearning Playground

Nov 19 2021 • 11 mins

If anyone asks me what is the one thing everyone should realise but doesn't, I would send them this episode of mine. There is of course a lot of unlearning that needs to happen to really enable absorbing all of it and let it change the way you perceive the world, and that is exactly what The Unlearning Playground is all about.

The separation fallacy is one of the most fundamental ways in which the truth evades us, but it is so hardwired into the way we lead our lives that it is almost impossible to see that it is indeed a fallacy. An important fallacy, no doubt, but like all fallacies, it comes back to bite us when we forget its true nature.

I talk about what the ancient Hindu, Zen and Buddhist saints meant when they said, "Be one with everything", and what we need to unlearn to really understand that.

I talk about what Alan Watts meant when he said, "You do not come into this world, you come out of it."

Hope I did a good job. Only one honest way to find out and tell me. Dig in.

If this episode resonates with you, and makes you ripe for more unlearnings,  would recommend going through the next series of The Unlearning Playground episodes too right away.

Let's play the game the better way.
I'll see you in the playground.


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