0037 - The apple vision pro (3 thoughts - the good, the bad & the ugly)

The Unlearning Playground

Jun 13 2023 • 11 mins

Just this last week, Apple released a video introducing The Apple Vision Pro.

It is a first-generation AR/VR headset, and Apple claims that with this device, the era of spatial computing is here. They claim this to be a life-changing technology.

In this video of The Unlearning Playground podcast, I decided to record my first impressions about this new device, which is a part of a booming field in technology now - Augmented reality and Virtual reality. My thoughts are divided into three broad categories - the good, the bad & the ugly.

I think what you are about to consume in this video would serve to be a contrarian viewpoint, when compared to most other videos out there on the internet about the apple vision pro.

Also, consider it to be a genuine request from my side, I want you to stay with me till the ugly part of this episode. That is where the real nectar lies. Trust me.

==== Outline ====

(00:00) - The apple vision pro launch
(01:03) - The good stuff
(02:11) - The bad stuff
(02:24) - The apple vision pro price considerations
(03:32) - The ugly stuff
(05:41) - Photos, videos, memories & technology
(08:20) - Utility & corporate jargons
(11:03) - An invitation, in closing


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