0026 - 2 types of prayers | Change the way you think about prayers

The Unlearning Playground

Jan 26 2023 • 7 mins

In some way, shape or form, we are surrounded by prayers.

Join me in this episode as I talk about the two primary types of prayers that we humans perform in our everyday lives, and let’s discuss whether there is enough motivation for switching from one kind to the other.

This can be a touchy subject for some people, so please take it with a pinch of salt.

And like I always say, if something doesn’t resonate with you, that’s when you need honesty the most.

(00:00) - Intro
(00:20) - What this episode is not about.
(01:21) - The first kind of prayer
(04:28) - The second kind of prayer
(05:14) - The core message

Let’s meet in the playground.
Until next time.
Peace out.


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