0005 - The truth about God | Understanding over believing | Who am I?

The Unlearning Playground

Dec 15 2021 • 20 mins

An episode dedicated to God - what the word actually means.

Absorbing the content here should give you a whole lot of clarity about these burning questions we all have about God:

Is there a creator?
What are the atheists missing?
What does the word God really mean?
Where do most religions converge in their teachings?
What is the real answer to that age-old question “Who am I”?

In the information age, it’s downright unfortunate that the majority of us still don’t even have a hint of this understanding. It will take time to grasp the profundity of the entire thing, but the first step to any of that would be to become aware that there IS something to grasp!

If you’re here, take this opportunity and dive right in.
It’ll be worth your time. I promise.


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