0016 - 2 modern-day examples of the framing effect | being pro-life or pro-choice & the wage gap

The Unlearning Playground

Jun 30 2022 • 22 mins

The framing effect is one of the easiest cognitive biases to understand and make sense of. Join me, Chetan Narang, in this episode of The Unlearning Playground podcast as I walk through an easy explanation for the same.

In addition to just talking about the framing effect, I talk about how it is very easily spotted in our modern day public discourse atmosphere via two frames or narratives that sway most of us enough to end up hating the other side of the argument.

One of the topics I've picked up is a very hot topic these days - the whole pro life vs pro choice debate, the anti abortion vs pro abortion fiasco. I try to walk through this very controversial topic all the while trying to drive home the point oflooking at all sides of the topic rather than simply picking a side and dehumanising the other.

The other topic is another controversial one - Is there a wage gap between men and women in our society? Again, I explain how the framing effect can fog over our understanding of such simple yet very important topics of our times.

(00:00)    Prologue
(01:16)    What is the framing effect?
(04:09)    What not to miss out here
(05:16)    Trigger warning
(06:07)    Abortions - The pro life vs pro choice debate
(07:24)    The misogynist-power-grab frame
(09:20)    The remorseless-baby-killer frame
(10:17)    The nuances that need to be considered by both sides
(13:58)    The wage gap - Women get paid less than men?
(14:23)    The systemic-discrimination frame
(19:10)    The outright-denial frame
(20:20)    How to think about your frames?
(21:34)    Closing

This episode is another one in my series of episodes about cognitive biases that I run on this podcast. You can check out the entire series here - Understanding human cognitive biases | Critical thinking


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