How our content strategy is helping us achieve 100% YOY growth.

B2B SaaS Podcast

Apr 3 2023 • 18 mins

Vidya Santhanam, CEO of Fitbots, discusses how they grew to over 50 customers primarily using an inbound content strategy. She also shares insights into their journey from 0 to 1 and how she plans to grow her company with a focus on capital efficiency.

  • How Fitbots helps companies track & manage OKRs to drive outcomes.
  • How 20% of their revenue comes from the services layer.
  • How they’ve grown to 50 customers across 5000 teams with around $6K ACV.
  • How they got their first 3 customers from within their network.
  • How almost 50% of leads are inbound through various content like blogs, podcasts etc.
  • How their sales cycle looks like.
  • Team, external funding & future vision