Is Your B2B SaaS Pricing Strategy Leaving Money on the Table?

B2B SaaS Podcast

Aug 1 2023 • 24 mins

Dan Balcauski, Founder & Principal Consultant at Product Tranquility, talks about how B2B SaaS founders should think about pricing & packaging their products. We talk about how to think about pricing, when it starts really mattering & finally how to increase prices without affecting your existing SaaS customers.

The interview covers the following topics:

  • How Product Tranquility helps high-volume B2B SaaS CEOs define pricing and packaging for new products
  • The importance of pricing strategy for SaaS companies and the common mistakes that companies make.
  • Why understanding customer segments, value drivers, and competition is crucial for creating a pricing strategy that maximizes profitability.
  • Why companies looking to increase prices should align on goals, evaluate expected revenue and costs, and test changes at a smaller scale.
  • Why pricing and packaging should be approached as a multidimensional strategy rather than just focusing on price level.