How lead magnets helped our SaaS grow beyond $1 MN ARR.

B2B SaaS Podcast

Apr 24 2023 • 22 mins

Maryna Burushkina, Founder & CEO of GrowthChannel talks about how they’ve grown their programmatic advertising SaaS content past $1MN in ARR using content marketing. We talk about their top-of-funnel content strategy, middle-of-funnel lead magnets, lead nurturing process & sales cycle.

  • How GrowthChannel makes it easy for businesses to plan, launch, & optimize programmatic advertising campaigns across 150+ channels from a single dashboard.
  • How they have around 2200 business users across around 1000 customers & an additional 300 agencies on their platform
  • How they’ve hit almost 1 million in ARR
  • How content marketing is primarily responsible for their top-of-funnel
  • How they use Slack community & email sequences to nurture their leads
  • Is it advisable for new SaaS founders to start a Slack community?
  • What does their content strategy look like?
  • How their sales cycle looks like
  • Team, external funding & future vision