Turning Solid Waste into a Sustainable Economy, Latin American Migrants Boost Spain’s Economy

Simply Economics, from Mexico

Apr 27 2024 • 5 mins

Mexican legislator proposes utilizing solid waste for a sustainable economy. Latin American migrants play a crucial role in boosting Spain's economy. Stay informed about innovative approaches to waste management and the positive impact of migrants on economic growth. Sources: https://sintesis.com.mx/hidalgo/2024/04/25/proponen-sacar-ventaja/ https://www.lanacion.com.ar/el-mundo/los-migrantes-latinoamericanos-ayudan-a-impulsar-la-economia-de-espana-los-cambios-claves-en-la-nid26042024/ Outline: (00:00:00) Introduction (00:00:41) They propose to take advantage of solid waste to develop a sustainable economy (00:02:23) Latin American Migrants Help Boost Spain's Economy: Key Post-Pandemic Changes