Currency of Productivity | Ep- 149 | Tamil Motivation & Productivity Podcast | Shyamala gandhimani

The One Percent Extra- Tamil Self Improvement, Motivation & Productivity Podcast

Nov 21 2023 • 7 mins

Currency of Productivity


'Time is Money.' This phrase isn't just a cliche; it holds profound truths about productivity, efficiency, and the value of our most precious resource. So, let's dive into the world of time management, productivity hacks, and the art of making every moment count."

1: The Origin of 'Time is Money'

2: The Economics of Time

3: Time Management Strategies

4: The Cost of Procrastination

5: Investing Time for Personal Growth

6: The Technology Factor

7: Balancing Quality and Quantity


"As we conclude today's episode on 'Time is Money,' I hope you've gained valuable insights into the art of efficient time management. Remember, each moment is a currency you can spend wisely or squander. Thanks for joining us on The One Percent Extra. Until next time, make every moment count, because indeed, time is money."

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