Mindfulness in Digital Age | Ep- 153 | Tamil Motivation & Productivity | Shyamala Gandhimani

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Dec 19 2023 • 15 mins

Mindfulness in the Digital Age


Host: "Hello, mindful listeners! Today we are going to explore the art of thriving in the digital era.

The Digital Mindfulness Landscape

Mindful Tech Engagement

Mindfulness Apps and Digital Tools

Guided Meditation Platforms:

Breath and Relaxation Tools:

Daily Mindfulness Reminders:

Progress Tracking and Analytics:

Mindfulness Challenges and Community Features:

Digital Detox: When and How?

Mindful Work in the Digital Workplace

Scheduled Mindful Breaks:

The Future of Digital Mindfulness

Integration of AI and Mindfulness:

Virtual Reality (VR) Mindfulness Experiences:


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