Steve Jobs; Are You Being Innovative?; Dyson - S1E12

Live Your Luxe Life

Apr 2 2022 • 13 mins

Welcome to Live Your Luxe Life. Thank you for joining me for another episode.

Have you been using your gratitude journal that we committed to doing together in Episode 2? Let's continue to reflect on our daily lives in our gratitude journals.

Steve Jobs lived his life being innovative and a leader in his industry. Are you living your life or business as a leader? Join this week's episode as we discuss this.

Dyson has created another new cool invention called Dyson Zone. Are you ready for it and will you use it?

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Key Points - Transcript

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower "Steve Jobs".

If there is someone you can look at that created his own path and created products that people love to purchase it's Steve Jobs. Imagine making products that no one else could Imagine. You can do this in your lifetime as well don't let yourself down if this is your dream

Today I want to share with you a new tech device that should be coming out soon from a company that has been an innovative leader of products.

We spend so much time protecting ourselves as much as possible from pollutants. Air purifying systems help remove dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air.

Most people have air purifying systems in their homes. I have a couple that I use. I notice the difference with my allergies and how much cleaner my air smells and feels. The level of dust in my home has definitely decreased. But what happens when you leave your home and go outside. Well, you don't have any control over that.

Many Asian countries have worn masks for years. I remember when I used to live in Japan as a child people wearing masks were the norm. There was nothing strange about it

Now one of my favorite brands has created a state of the art portable air filtration system called Zone which are headphones

Dyson is a much loved product that I believe is worth the prices they charge. I love their vacuum cleaners and other home products. Their products also come with great warranties which I've had to use before and they have no problem sending replacement parts or referring you to a local repair shop for repairs.

They spent 6 years since 2016 developing this product. At first, I thought they created this due to covid but this was obviously well in the works way before 2019.

They went through at least 500 prototypes to create this product. How amazing is that?

It's a 2 stage purifying system so you can breathe air wherever you go.

The filter is built into the headphones through the headphones and then to the mouthpiece. How cool is that!!

But now Imagine walking around town or in the store looking completely unapproachable because you have something covering your ears and your mouth. The two things that allow us to communicate.

I don't know if I need something else to make myself look unapproachable.

Who am I fooling....I definitely need this in my life. Dyson if you are listening, I would love to review this product!! I love new tech gadgets. They say it's the biggest speaker driver available in headphones

They state this will give you Pure clean sound of music without hearing distractions around you. Honestly as weird as this may look I would definitely give it a try. It's very futuristic. I don't think even The Jetsons saw this coming.

My question to Dyson is why is it that I don't see that you can take phone calls with this? Is there no microphone built in? It seems like it would have been so easy to incorporate so that they don't have to come out with a version 2.0 causing everyone to purchase another one to upgrade.

They tested this on many different head sizes and shapes to get the best fit and comfort level

The headphones are Dyson first premium audio technology which includes a noise-canceling feature

The purified air system does not touch your face but it still provides purified air to your nose and mouth. It's supposed to be very comfortable and nonconstraining or stiff.

Because it doesn't touch your face, I assume it's Not a covid mask alternative. Your mouth is still open to the air around you. So, you breathing out doesn't stop your germs from spreading. Obviously, this is not the use case for this product. From what I see It's just to bring fresh air inside your lungs and body like a home air purifier would do.

I'm still doing research and awaiting more information from Dyson on this product including pricing. Most of their products average around $400 to $500 dollars. If their other products are an example I can say this product will not be cheap but and that's what we already expect from Dyson right?

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