"Don't over analyze" like Bruce Lee ; 3 Tips to be productive S2E17

Live Your Luxe Life

May 6 2022 • 6 mins

Welcome to Live Your Luxe Life. Thank you for joining me for another episode.

Have you been using your gratitude journal that we committed to doing together in Episode 2? Let's continue to reflect on our daily lives in our gratitude journals.

This week's quote is by Bruce Lee, let's discuss it!

Are you being busy or productive? There is a difference and I have some tips for you to be more productive.

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Key Points-Transcript

I hope you've had a great week and I hope you are ready to get inspired today and now today we have a quote and the quote is actually by one of the most popular martial arts actors, Bruce lee, don't we all love Bruce lee. Oh my gosh, I could watch his movies at any time. Now the quote reads. If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done. Bruce lee was definitely smart about this. He was a master at his craft. I know that he didn't get to that point by analyzing every step he got there by action by doing things and obviously by developing his skills, that's why he's such a popular figure even to this day. Now this is what I want to get into with you today. I can definitely say that at times I fall into this trap. Sometimes I will over analyze things from what I need to do on a day to over planning a new business plan or even taking a vacation. I'm not saying it's a bad thing because what's the saying, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, I am still a firm believer in this saying however, there are times you just need to go with the flow, just watch how things will fall into place. So I want to go over some tips for better productivity. Down the road, I will share with you more tips, but we're going to keep it to just three this week. So when planning I always feel like you should still allow room for change that can develop naturally and then allow the universe to step in and guide you and to work in your favor. Sometimes there are bigger things in life that help you to get to where you want to be in your life and I know this as a fact, I know that when I think positive the universe conspires to help me to get me to where I need to be. So back to the tips, I have three tips for you to follow daily, number one make a list the night before of what you need to accomplish the next day and make the list in order of importance. If you've never done this, it might be a good idea to just keep the list to a maximum of five tasks to start with in the beginning this way you don't feel overwhelmed my lists have grown longer over time as I continue to take on new projects or priorities with friends or family. So I say put them in order of importance because whatever you don't finish or get to for that day you will carry that over to the next day's list. So don't worry about the things that you don't accomplish because they will be continue to the next day. So by the end of the week you will have finished your entire list. If not the majority of them then it's up to you if you want to take Sundays off or maybe the entire weekend from your list. Remember life is still about balance and everyone needs time and days off. Okay number two when it's time to start your task, focus on them completely. So what does this mean? Cut out all distractions if you have a work area in your home, like an office, go there and work. I used to think I was getting a lot done by working while I was in bed at night on my laptop or on the couch watching TV and yes you can get things accomplished in these environments. However, what I found is my focus was never at 100 I would spend more time trying to complete the task at hand because I had too many distractions around me. So now when I solely work in my office space I get things done more quickly and efficiently and also the creative part of my brain comes up with more and better ideas than when I was halfway engaged in my work. Another tip is make sure your workspaces open and bright and makes you feel great being there. I used to work with my desk pushed up against the wall and I couldn't wait to get out of my office to be free so I've since changed my desk to face the room and it's completely changed my mindset into feeling good while I'm working. It's amazing how one small change can completely change your productivity level. Alright # three in the last tip delegate tasks that you don't want to do or you don't have time to do. I know many of us feel like we can do everything and no one else can do it the way we like things to be. However doing too many things unnecessarily can cause you to be less productive in the things that you really enjoy doing. I do sometimes still struggle with us but when I can just let things go I can think straighter and be more creative on the more important things that I need to handle, build a team. Even if it's just one person that you trust that can help you to do the things that you're not the best at delegation gives you more time in your day and relieves you have so much extra stress so I hope these three tips will help you to be more inspired and more productive, whether it's with your business, your household tasks or just allowing you more time with your friends and family.

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