Sounds Curious Podcast

Apr 10 2020 • 1 hr 9 mins

Look, we can't all be William Shakespeare and knock out King Lear while we're stuck at home. Most of us are lucky to put on pants at some point in the day. So in this episode we ponder one of my favorite topics, failure, and the beautiful things that become possible through it. Featuring two gorgeous performances that happened during less self-isolating times in Berlin. Content Warning: The first performance features frequent, non-explicit but repeated references to prostitution. May not be appropriate for younger listeners. But honestly it is kind of hilarious. The first feature is by the Brazilian performer-composer Manuel Pessoa de Lima, whose intimate performances defy genre as he will tell you himself. Taking on failure as a topic of research through his graduate work, he confronts it in his work in some unique and haunting ways. His piece is a strange and sometimes awkward journey through sound worlds and self-reflections to arrive at last at some truly terrible, terrible Strauss. Failure never sounded so right... More information on his work can be found at: A link to the performance archive from the October show: His video works: The second featured track is from a recent performance by AudeRrose. Aude is a particularly versatile artists, working in fine and media arts, performance pieces, experimental works and installations. From her performance biography: "Her performance works oscillate between digital and analog medium, combining original cross-border techniques between real-time video feedback and digital and acoustic sounds. She often uses overhead projectors, slide projectors, typewriters, clocks, that are amplified via micro-contact microphones, combined with acoustic and digital sounds." Find her website at More of her performances on her performance page at: Aude teamed up with your intrepid host, Renée Thérèse Coulombe in our duo "les demoiselles d'analogue." More information about me can be found on my own web page: Of course as always if you like the work and want to support the podcast, our little production space in Berlin and all that we do - you can make a one time donation through Paypal at: Or join the Willows Nest Patreon over at Donations keep us going through this crazy time, and keep the electricity flowing through our computer to keep the art work flowing...