Drones, Part 2

Sounds Curious Podcast

May 12 2020 • 54 mins

Part two of our deep dive into drones—exploring how we experience sustained and resonant frequencies in the body, altering our moods and perceptions of the world. Advocating for listening as a whole-body activity and echoing the call of Deep Listening, this episode curates some contemporary takes on drones in global musical traditions. Then we take a distinct turn toward the mechanical, closing with three machine drones that invite us to experience the "noise" we often tune out in the form of field recordings. Thanks to all our Patreons for your support! You can find us on Patreon at www.Patreon.com/TheWillowsNest You can support this podcast and the work of our independent productions here at The Willows nest, through a one-time donation at www.paypal.me/bansheemedia Tracks in order of audition: Peter Cusack "Distant mine, pervasive sounds, astonishing view" /Czech Republic. Found on www.aporee.org/maps From Free Music Archive (www.freemusicarchive.org): "Haratanaya Sree" by Veena Kinhal from the album "Tribute to Venna Raja Rao." "Raag (YouTube)" by Vinod Prasanna x Okey Szoke x Pompey from the album "s/t" "Drone Pine" by Blue Dot Sessions from the album "The Pine Barrens" "Post Drone" by Uuriter from the album "Analog Fields" Closing tracks permission of the artist, Peter Terner. Unpublished: "Tesco close" "Gate Painting, Drone, Hiss" and "Sage Hum (soft)"