Voices Found (Part 1)

Sounds Curious Podcast

Feb 2 2019 • 56 mins

Sounds Curious S3, E4: Voices Found, Part 1 This week we surf the sound waves of improvised vocal performance, through the practice of five diverse improvisers from all over the world. Introducing his soon-to-be published research, Dr. Chris Tonelli introduces the topic of “extranormal” singing, and together with Gabriel Dharmoo present an evening of discussion and improvisation on the subject. Interspersed with improvised vocal performances throughout the evening, this first half of a two part presentation introduces a world of vocal sounding to the adventurous listener! They are joined for the evening by Ute Wassermann, David Moss and Tomomi Adachi. Sound installation (under intro and outro): Circus Marcus “Kalimba session, 2016-05-07” Freemusicarchive.org More information on Chris Tonelli: http://rug.academia.edu/ChrisTonelli Gabriel Dharmoo: http://gabrieldharmoo.org/en/home Ute Wassermann: https://femmes-savantes.net/en/lesfemmessavantes/ute-wassermann/ David Moss: https://www.davidmossmusic.com/ Tomomi Adachi: http://www.adachitomomi.com/n/biography.html Like and review us if you like the show! On Apple podcasts, this really helps us get discovered. Find out more about our Berlin activities at www.willowsnest.org. Show notes always at www.bansheemedia.com, and updates on global performances and events at www.improvisedalchemy.com.