An Autumn Ramble

Sounds Curious Podcast

Nov 18 2019 • 1 hr 5 mins

Today's episode goes back to some musical basics, with several live recordings with global artists from my home to yours. Opening with the glorious Aristarain & Lewkowicz Duo of Sophia Aristarain and Javier Lewkowicz, who rocked the house last Spring with their concert of traditional and original music from the native Argentina, as well as music from Brazil and all over South America. We then jump to a concert of traditional music from Greece and Turkey and the Ufki Bobowski duo of Fatih Ermete (Lute of Istanbul, Ud) and Borys Slowikowski on the frame drums. While Fatih is from Istanbul and Borys from Poland, the two met in Crete and were drawn together by their mutual love of these musical traditions. We then slow things down with a stroll in Southern India with Dr. Vijay Kannan, whose Haunting Bamboo: Nada Yoga with Indian Bamboo flute event at The Willows Nest just happened back in October. This truly haunting and beautiful musical recording includes the moment when he asked a friend in the audience, a wonderful classical singer in this tradition, to improvise with him on the flute! Finally, we hop the Red Eye 2 Tokyo, a new musical project by composer and multi-instrumentalist Shih-Wei Wu, that fuses the raw energy of Japanese Folk music with the cool sounds of West Coast Jazz. So sit back, relax, and travel the globe without ever leaving the couch - from our little global Nest perched high atop Boxhagener Strasse... If you like what we do and want to support our mission, please consider joining The Willows Nest Patreon over at Audio installation under voiceover: Felix Blume, "Wind singing in an old tube on the top of the mountain" More Aristarain-Lewkowicz on YouTube: Ufki Bobowski on YouTube: Vijay Kannan has his own very successful YouTube channel over at: Finally Red Eye 2 Tokyo can be found over at You can find their single over at and look for the new album soon! If you are in the Los Angeles Area, consider stopping by the RE2T album release party at Angry Horse Brewing Company in Montebello on November 19, 2019!