#065 Feminine power, vulnerability, and a shamanic drum meditation, with Eirini Kapsidou (part 2).

Personal Development Mastery

Oct 5 2020 • 50 mins

Eirini Kapsidou came into contact with spirituality at the age of 19, when she met a Siberian shaman, and her life has been quite extraordinary ever since. She had always been a high achiever and even did a PhD on perception and photography, but after a profoundly changing experience of overcoming cancer, she gave in to a more grounded and centered way of life, trusting and honouring her feminine wisdom and intuition. With the guidance of her dear brother, the shaman Alexander Northern Deer, she now leads spiritual events and organises drum meditations and workshops on awakening femininity and the art of relationships.


Key takeaways:

* Femininity: How can a woman feel complete in her feminine power?

* The misconceptions around masculine and feminine energies

* Shame, vulnerability, and showing our true self

* A live shamanic drum meditation!

Memorable quote:

" Be more yourself, listen more to your heart, connect more with what you want. The opinion of others doesn't matter so much ."

-Eirini Kapsidou

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