#37 Tyson Durfey: Entrepreneur & World Champion Cowboy

The Cowboy Perspective an exploration of grit, servant leadership, and business philosophy with high performers!

May 14 2021 • 1 hr 10 mins

Welcome back y'all! I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with THE Tyson Durfey, 2016 PRCA World Champion. While we don't talk a whole lot about about rodeo, we spend a ton of time talking about what makes this guy tick. We talk about Tyson's work in digital media, accepting our own flaws, podcasting, willingness to be wrong and a whole lot more.

This episode has too many gold nuggets to count, thanks for tuning in!

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The Tyson Durfey Show

(2:28) - Tyson’s background and early life

(4:42) - Tyson’s work making digital courses and how his childhood taught him the value of hard work

(10:07) - Gary Vee and the importance of “Just starting”

(12:15) - Addiction and accepting that we are all flawed

(15:00) - Tyson’s Buckle from 2011 National Finals Rodeo

(17:23) - Tony Robbins

(26:36) - The Tyson Durfey Show & Where Tyson is on social media

Let’s Buy a Business Podcast

(28:54) - Taking advantage of your time to achieve your dreams

(35:35) - Rocker Steiner

(38:29) - The definition of work

(41:01) - Be willing to be wrong

(42:26) - Tyson’s Rodeo Career

(45:45) - Imposter Syndrome & comparison

(49:55) - How Tyson manages marriage, faith, family and work

The Church of Eleven22 podcast

(58:21) - What’s the value of a dollar or a bitcoin?

(1:03:00) - Tyson’s pink shirt

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