#120 Reversing the Prison Condition - Five Mualimm-ak, Incarcerated Nation Network INC

felony inc podcast

Oct 2 2020 • 54 mins

Arriving from Ethiopia with his parents to the US to make a better life, Five Mualimm-ak's parents found that being black meant a struggle. So they joined community groups for survival and provided services in the Bronx including day care and other necessary services to the neighbors. His mother joined a group that provided assistance to women who had just been released from prison and has since passed. Five grew up outside the "compound" and travelled extensively with his father, who also taught martial arts and self-defense to men and women. Five grew up in service, always taking care of others' needs. As he grew older, he joined a street military organization, and participated in barter programs, where people could trade services for food. He then wanted to get into real estate and that is where his incarceration started. His time in isolation and incarceration is what gave him the impetus to start the organization and advocate for those who have suffered torture as part of correction. Felony Inc Podcast with your hosts Dick Hennessy and Meg Thibodeaux We record the Felony Inc Podcast inside NedSpace in the Bigfoot Podcast Studio in beautiful downtown Portland. Audio engineer, mixer and podcast editor is Allon Beausoleil Show logo was designed by Carolyn Main Website was designed by Cameron Grimes Production assistant is Chelsea Lancaster Felony Inc Podcast supports City Central Concern at centralcityconcern.org 10% of gross revenue at Startup Radio Network goes to support women entrepreneurs in developing countries thru kiva.org/lender/markgrimes Listen to the Felony Inc Podcast every Friday at 10:00am pacific time on Startup Radio Network at startupradionetwork.com