S3E26 | Melodies of Kishore and Dev: An Unforgettable Duo

Crazy For Kishore

Jan 10 2024 • 4 mins

Step into the world of old Bollywood in our latest podcast episode. Take a journey back in time to explore the partnership of Kishore Kumar and Dev Anand, two icons who left an indelible mark on an era with their extraordinary talent and charm. Delve into Kishore Kumar's unconventional approach to acting and singing, along with Dev Anand's magnetic presence on the silver screen as we uncover the stories behind their collaborations and how Kishore Kumar's voice perfectly complemented Dev Anand's on-screen personas, from the romantic hero to the rebellious figure. Join us in celebrating the birth anniversary of Dev Anand as we delve into his enduring friendship with Kishore Kumar and its influence on cinematic history. This episode pays tribute to the timeless classics that these legends bestowed upon Bollywood and their lasting legacy in Indian cinema.