Navigating Toxic Work Environment: Signs, Coping Strategies, & Empowerment

Self Talk Show

Oct 28 2023 • 8 mins

Explore toxic work environments with host Meetali Ohri on 'SELF TALK SHOW.' Discover signs of toxicity, coping strategies, and the journey toward thriving:1. Spotting Toxicity: Uncover signs from negative communication to high turnover, crucial for recognizing a toxic workplace.2. Mental Health Impact: Learn how toxicity affects well-being, productivity, and the importance of support and recognition.3. Coping Tactics: Gain actionable strategies like setting boundaries, self-care, seeking support, and professional guidance.4. Leadership's Role: Delve into the responsibility of creating a positive workplace and supporting employee well-being.5. Thriving Amid Challenges: Uncover ways to navigate toxicity and build resilience for a fulfilling work experience.Tune in to 'SELF TALK SHOW' for invaluable insights on recognizing, coping with, and thriving despite toxic work environments, prioritizing mental well-being for healthier workplaces.Thank you for the background music! Connect on Social Media: Instagram: requests, suggestions, collaborations or counseling session, shoot an email at Thank you!