Final Boys at WonderCon, Maxxxine Trailer, & Bambi: The Reckoning Teaser

Midnight Movie House

Apr 22 2024 • 45 mins

The Boys return from a 3 week break and a mini-vacation to bring you some news and trailers from the past couple weeks. A few of these items include a trip to WonderCon, Ready or Not 2 and the trailer for MaXXXine.

Jeff Got A New Job: 0:00
The Boys Went to WonderCon: 3:36
Ready or Not 2 (Mild Spoilers): 6:21
The Strangers Chapter 1 Panel: 10:01
Scary Movie Reboot: 18:19
Terrifier 3 News: 21:50
Trailer Talk: 24:19
MaXXXine: 25:01
Cuckoo: 30:45
Bambi The Reckoning: 34:54
The Rest: 38:42

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