Resident Evil (2002)

Midnight Movie House

Dec 4 2023 • 1 hr 34 mins

A team of commandos must infiltrate an underground facility run by the Umbrella Corporation known as "The Hive", after its AI suddenly goes into a lockdown killing all those within. Once inside, they begin to encounter increasingly deadly obstacles including laser hallways, genetic experiments and even the undead. With only a few hours left, the team must put a stop to whatever is going on down there before it spreads to the outside world.

Seventy is Not a Sexy Number: 0:00
Horror Hour: 4:47
Imaginary Trailer: 5:16
The First Omen Release Date: 9:25
Thanksgiving Review (Non Spoiler): 12:27
Scream 7 News: 16:04
Resident Evil Discussion: 20:02
Resident Evil Final Thoughts: 1:07:07
Ratings: 1:19:13
Tops & Bottoms: 1:25:15

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