Welcome to the Midnight Movie House, Alien: Romulus Teaser, & the Poohniverse

Midnight Movie House

Apr 1 2024 • 53 mins

Welcome to the Midnight Movie House! Hurwitz's House of Horror has made some renovations and evolved into something new. Don't worry, we are still the same horror focused podcast but we are now splitting up episode between news and movies. With this first episode, we will be focusing entirely on some recent horror related news and our excitement (or lack thereof) for it.

A House is Rebuilt: 0:00
Horror Hour: 7:40
Jeff Brings Scream VII News: 8:10
Alien Romulus Teaser: 13:17
Bettlejuice Beetlejuice Teaser: 24:44
A Violent Nature Trailer: 29:27
Imaginary Comes to Streaming: 34:51
Shoutout and Listener Write In: 40:12
Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Review (Spoiler Free): 42:11
The Dreamland Cinema Midnight Film Festival: 45:56
The Weekly Roundup: 47:10

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