Genius Journey with Melissa Mejia

Unearth Your Genius

Nov 3 2022 • 34 mins

Knowing who you are and what you carry is an essential part of your Genius. Join Regina L. Henry as she welcomes special guest Melissa Mejia. Melissa is a Global Catalyst called to mine the wealth of the nations. She creates innovative opportunities for people around the globe to build wealth and legacy. She is a Strategic Advisor to high-level business owners in various industries including global e-commerce. Melissa shares her Genius Journey and how stripping away all the unnecessary garbage helped her discover her genius.


  • Sometimes your genius mode gets attacked and shut down
  • Begin to see your genius mode from a place of provision
  • Identify what is and isn't your genius so you don't get overwhelmed
  • You are unique and bring a special "salsa" to the table
  • Surround yourself in a healthy environment with people who recognize your genius and will champion you
  • Clarity and Confidence leads to the Cash
  • Melissa shares the people who have championed her on her Genius Journey

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