A Case For Radical Rest

Unearth Your Genius

Mar 2 2023 • 14 mins

In this episode, Regina lays out the case for experiencing radical rest.  When we experience radical rest we experience revitilization in our Body, Soul, and Spirit.  Regina shares the practical tips you can use to incorporate radical rest into your Genius Journey.

Episode Highlights:

  • Regina shares her definition of rest
  • We all need moments of rest to help us process daily life
  • When you indentify radical rest for yourself, you will experience true recovery of body, mind, and spirit, restoration of creativity, revitilization of your energy, and growth in your ability to be resilient
  • 1. use the reSET method: Silence, Encouragement, Time to Move
  • 2. Create a list of activities that bring rest to at least two parts of your being
  • 3. Do ONE thing from that list everyday
  • Do NOT allow time anxiety to keep you from pursuing radical rest

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