Cultivating Shame Resilience

Unearth Your Genius

Mar 30 2023 • 21 mins

Shame is an emotion that everyone experiences. But did you know that shame is a Genius killer? Shame can rob you of your time and energy and keep you from living out the Genius inside of you. In this episode, Regina L. Henry exposes the lies about shame and explains how you can cultivate Shame Resilience so you can live out the Genius that’s inside you.


  • Shame is a social emotion
  • Everyone of us is worthy of love, belonging, and connection
  • The result of shame is disconnection and feeling unworthy of love
  • Perfectionism is a cousin to shame
  • Shame often appears in the body first
  • Shame Disrupts, Disconnects, Deceives, Devalues, and Derails
  • Vulnerability with yourself is the solution to shame
  • Four Practices To Cultivate Shame Resilience:
  • 1. Recognize shame and what it triggers
  • 2. Practice critical awareness
  • 3. Reach out
  • 4. Speak shame- EXPOSE IT FOR THE LIE THAT IT IS!
  • GENIUS TIP: Don’t set overcoming shame through Shame Resilience as a goal but as an objective

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