Authenticity Is Greater Than "Keepin It Real"

Unearth Your Genius

15-09-2022 • 10 mins

In this episode Regina explains how being authentic to who you are is better than just "keepin it real" and that your GENIUS is cultivated and enriched when you are authentic.


  • Authenticity is a nuanced way of moving through the world
  • Your GENIUS is about being who you are created to be; being yourself
  • People hide behind "stuff" to present who and how they think the world wants them to be
  • Authenticity defined as not false; true to one's own personality, spirit or character
  • Consider what you really want and set your eyes on that. Shift your perspective and focus on your authentic vision.
  • Authenticity is characterized by:
    a. Confidence
    b. Consistency
    c. Connection
  • "Keepin' it real" sometimes can be curt; it's often inconsiderate, unloving and even manipulative.
  • Use questions to gain deeper understanding of self.
    Ask Yourself:
    a. Do I feel CONFIDENT in what I am saying and doing?
    b. Am I being CONSISTENT with who I am?
    c. Are my CONNECTIONS deepened as a result of how I'm showing up?
  • GENIUS TIP: Be intentional with Self-Awareness

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