Genius Journey with Erica Urquhart

Unearth Your Genius

Nov 10 2022 • 30 mins

Sometimes Faith and Family can play an important role in motivating and guiding us when it comes to our Genius Journey. This week, Regina welcomes Dr. Erica Urquhart. Dr. Urquhart along with her husband, Marc operate a private practice called Urquhart Orthopedic Associates in northern New Jersey. Dr. Urquhart serves as a founding director of the Women’s Leadership Council of the Liberty Science Center. She is a graduate from Harvard and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where she completed her M.D. and obtained a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular neuroscience. Join Dr. Erica Urquhart and Regina as they discuss how Faith and Family helped guide Erica's Genius Journey.


  • Erica shares the process she went through on her Genius Journey
  • As human beings we have Free Will- sometimes we are acted upon and sometimes we put ourselves in vulnerable places based on the choices we make
  • Erica shares an experience she had in High School which helped motivate her to begin her Genius Journey
  • Erica shares how her faith pulls her through in times where she doesn't feel confident
  • When you process through your emotions you are able to come out on the other side understanding yourself better
  • Erica shares who her biggest champions in her life are

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