Know Thyself

Unearth Your Genius

Nov 17 2022 • 10 mins

When somebody asks, "Hey how are you?" or "How was your week?" what is your reaction? Is it true and authentic? Many times we mask our authenticity and create a fake persona in response to these types of questions. We are afraid to let people see and hear the real us. In this episode Regina shares how getting away and really reflecting can help you to "Know Thyself" so you can become authentic and live out of your Genius.


  • When you live based upon a cultivated persona, denial of your true self becomes the norm
  • We are NOT static creatures. We are constantly growing and evolving
  • It's important to take time with yourself, regularly, to get to know YOU (again).
  • One practical way: take a few days "away" with just you every few months. During that time, try to unpack your past season...get honest about how you're feeling and thinking, and where you'd like your Genius life to go.
  • GENIUS TIP: Make sure you do not go away for rest and reflection without a plan. Ask yourself:
    a. What do I want to explore?
    b. What do I want to think about?
    c. How will I have fun?
  • During your time away, remain present with yourself

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