A Well Sorted Life

Unearth Your Genius

Mar 9 2023 • 17 mins

In this episode, Regina shares a tool she created that can help you maintain an organized and well ‘sorted’ life. Regina explains her three C's process and provides a personal example using her unique Life Sphere Model™️.

Episode Highlights:

  • Our brains function best when we are able to sort order and information
  • The Life Sphere Model™️ will shift according to the season you are in
  • The 3 C's Process:
    1. Catalog - Jot down all the commitments in your life
    1. Confirm - What is important to you in this current season of your life
    1. Classify - Classify your confirmed commitments
  • META - The internal reference to your personal growth
  • FAMILY - All current pursuits related to those closest to you
  • CORE - Your highest value during this current season
  • TRAINING - What you do to improve your personal skills
  • AGENCY - The work you do in the world
  • INVESTMENT - How you are investing in the betterment of others
  • This model is a Time Tool for the busy individual.
  • For help crafting your own life spheres, schedule a FREE session with Regina: https://calendly.com/connect-with-regina/30min

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