Genius Journey with Melissa Gilbo and Amy Pocsik

Unearth Your Genius

Jan 19 2023 • 27 mins

In this episode Regina invites Melissa Gilbo and Amy Pocsik, founders of Women's Business League to share their Genius Journey. Founded by two moms/corporate refugees, Amy Pocsik and Melissa Gilbo, the Women's Business League has reignited the power of networking. The core of their mission is kindness and generosity, values that drive the connections created amongst its members. Together, Pocsik and Gilbo, have created a safe haven for female entrepreneurs and business leaders to come together, share resources, and achieve the highest and best version of themselves and their business. Melissa and Amy share how they faced and conquered their fears and how serving others well has lead them to success.


  • Melissa and Amy share how they met and how WBL got started
  • It's OK to take action when you're scared
  • To be successful in business you must first serve people well and put them first
  • Melissa and Amy share their biggest wins at WBL
  • Melissa and Amy discuss why supporting charities in their communities is a big factor in their success
  • Melissa and Amy share the people who have championed them the most

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