A Little Bit Hotter Now

Mortgage, Markets, and More

Feb 16 2024 • 12 mins

🔥📈 Ready to feel the market heat? Check out my latest "Mortgage, Markets, and More" episode titled "A Little Bit Hotter Now"! It's me, Peter D'Angelo, here to dish out the latest on mortgage rates and what those sneaky inflation numbers are up to. 🎙️💸

This week, I'm slicing through the economic jargon to bring you straight-up facts and how they're nudging interest rates upward. If you're a buyer or a real estate pro, you need this info! 🏠💼

With insights into core inflation stats and their ripple effects, I'm keeping you prepared for the buying battle in this sizzling climate. 🌡️🛡️

Whether you're cozying up at home or chasing down that dream property, tune into this must-hear episode for strategies to stand firm in an ever-warming market. 🎧🏡

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