Uncovering the Truth About Goal-Setting

Shattered to Unbreakable: The Reclaim Podcast

13-12-2022 • 20 mins

Hey there, Sweet Sister! It’s me, Brandi. I was just thinkin…

Why is it that goals seem so exciting… until they DON’T!!!

Why is it that we feel so fired up about it and then about two or three weeks in we are beaten down and defeated if we haven’t seen MAJOR results?

I learned something ASTONISHING last week… a properly set goal should only be reachable only 25% of the time!


Are you telling me that I should be failing 75% of the time?

And you’re thinking that I’ll be ok with this as an over-achieving recovering perfectionist… mmmmmk….

Anyone relating here?

Listen, I get it… we need challenging goals or we would never do anything great! We have to take a big chance of failing to create a big chance of succeeding… but our cute little fragile human hearts are NOT going to be able to handle a 75% fail rate.  Our very self-esteem depends greatly on everyday experiences that validate either the positive self-image or the negative self-image.

So you want me to try to nurture my self confidence and do amazing things while also failing 75% of the time and become superhuman, defying all concrete laws of science and biology? I’m sorry but absolutely not. Is anyone with me on this?

Good, because I just created a BREAKTHROUGH in the Goal Setting and Self Development World!

I’m taking my knowledge of finances and the investment world and introducing them to the self-development world!

I have just invented the first ever, never-before realized, Diversified Goal Portfolio!

Yes, that’s right! I’m going to teach you how to set BIG goals without destroying your  confidence and self-image.

I know, Ed Mylette and Mel Robbins are going to be calling me tomorrow to invite me as a guest speaker on their podcasts. I’m aware and letting my assistant know to answer calls from unknown numbers (Wink Wink).

Just a disclaimer, this podcast is my opinion only and doesn’t reflect the ideas or opinions of…. the rest of the world! LOL! So take it as it is, the opinion of a sister of yours that cares deeply about the way you see yourself!

I will be challenging some thoughts and ideas of the mainstream media and my hope is to clear up the confusion and help YOU heal for real and Reclaim Your Sparkle!

I want to help you to move from Shattered To Unbreakable by replacing comparison with self-discovery, creating a compounding culture of authentic self-respect!

I’m so excited to connect with you here on this podcast!

Let’s Talk!

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