Mind Body Soul & Stage: Janet Hsieh & George Young Fun with the Juggling!

Mind Body Soul & Stage

Nov 23 2023 • 52 mins

Janet Hsieh and George Young are both actors living and working in LA having been based in Taiwan together previously. Janet has had a considerable amount of success in Taiwan as a presenter and model and George's acting career has recently had two feature films out as well as writing/directing his own work with Janet and gaining accolades for their short film Home. Being in the industry for a number years, Janet and George discuss the ups and downs of turning potential lucrative offers down in pursuit of changing your pathway, moving around the world to do so, how fitness has really helped them stay motivated and focussed, and what to do about self tapes and toddlers in the room! They have a lovely way of finding the funny side of a sometimes really stressful career and also knowing what works for them as a couple and individuals.