Mind Body Soul & Stage: Dr Lucie Clements Dance Psychologist

Mind Body Soul & Stage

Oct 9 2023 • 41 mins

"Dr Lucie Clements is a Chartered Psychologist and Psychological Coach supporting individuals, schools and companies in the Performing Arts industry" She has over 10 years experience delivering her services. In this episode Dr Lucie and I cover the importance of mental well being for performers, how she overcame a setback in her own dance career and used it to create another career she is passionate about. Not only does it incorporate dance but also empowers and supports other dancers and performers on their own journeys. Dr Lucie has a wealth of knowledge to share in this episode. If you are interested in Dr Lucie's work and how it may help you or anyone you know working and training in the dance and performing arts industry, links are below including other helpful organisations mentioned.