#08 | Unpopular Conversations: 5 Key Steps to Having Difficult Conversations with More Ease


Oct 19 2023 • 18 mins

70% of employees avoid tough conversations with their boss, colleagues, and direct reports. There is a huge cost to not talking about what’s most difficult, there is an average of $7,500 per conversation lost in time and resources.

Conversations today can be a powder keg of issues that can result in tough conversations - overwhelming workloads, insufficient balance of work, not enough people to handle the work, variances in technology savviness and use, generational differences, and a diverse workforce with varying cultural backgrounds. Resolving these and other issues often requires having conversations that may be difficult, tough, and uncomfortable. Join me as I reveal how to engage in conversations that are difficult, tough, and uncomfortable to create trust, respect, and safety. In this episode, I’ll share breakthrough ideas for not taking the conversation personally which will allow you to be more influential and impactful.

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