The Magic Formula Part 2: Validity

Profit Share Mastery Podcast

May 21 2021 • 21 mins

On this episode, Linda and Pres discuss the second part of The Magic Formula: Validity.  Pres explains how he always thinks of this step of the process as the attraction step because the thing that opens the door to a relationship with someone is them seeing your validity in something they want for themselves.  Linda shares how it is possible to gain validity with people through failures, because when they see how you confronted a problem and solved it, your mastery of the subject is even more apparent.  Pres discusses four ways to gain validity in a subject:

  1. Be a learning based person - go to as many KW classes as you can
  2. Shadow top producers
  3. Role play
  4. Teach it

Linda mentions how you also can gain more validity by trying out new things because you may find a new subject you want to be valid in.

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