33. PDFs, JPEGs, & Videos, oh my! Which Type of Preview is Best for Your TPT Products?

The Savvy Teacher Seller with Kristen Doyle

Feb 7 2023 • 9 mins

Do you need help choosing which TPT preview is best for your products? Why are previews so important, and how much time should you put into them? These are common questions among TPT sellers, for a good reason!

As you've probably heard, your product preview is one of the most important parts of your listings. Data shows that customers are 60% more likely to purchase a product with a TPT preview than without, and that's not even factoring in using the optimal type.

I'm diving into the three types of TPT preview options, how to determine which option is the best fit for each product in your store, and examples of resources for all three types.

After listening to today's episode, you'll know the importance of using TPT previews and how to choose the best option. Your action step for this week is to ensure your current resources have previews and are the best preview type for that item.

00:36 -Why TPT previews are an essential element of your product listings

01:17 -The three types of TPT previews

01:40 - What video previews are, and when they should be used

03:31 - When to use PDF previews and best practices when using them

05:12 - How to usesingle image previews effectively and when to avoid them

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