34. Teacher Seller Story: How Keira Lebrón uses Data & SEO to Grow Her Spanish TPT Store

The Savvy Teacher Seller with Kristen Doyle

Feb 14 2023 • 24 mins

We all know how important data and SEO are to our business growth, but it's always fascinating to hear firsthand how a fellow teacher seller is finding success! Our guest Keira is sharing how she utilizes her TPT store data to grow her Spanish TPT store.

The best part of Keira's journey is that she has seen massive growth by focusing on her existing products rather than constantly creating many new ones. Keira Lebrón has been selling on TPT since 2017, supporting middle and high school Spanish language arts teachers. She has found what works best for growth and how to cater to two different audiences.

In today's episode, Keira shares how she uses data to improve her existing products, how to use the more important data metrics to grow on TPT, and how she's been able to increase her sales with her strategies, all while she is a full time public high school teacher.

2:06 - Keira shares how she got started with TPT

5:34 - How Keira's investments in her education helped her grow

7:22 - The most important metrics to look at when analyzing your TPT store data

12:58 - How to approach SEO when targeting multiple TPT audiences in various languages

17:54 - Finding the balance between SEO friendly and being authentic to your audience

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