The Bodyguard & Cinderella

Release Date Rewind

30-11-2022 • 1 hr 47 mins

It's a Whitney double feature! Mark welcomes Survival Jobs podcast co-host, Bridgeport Film Festival founder, filmmaker, actor, AND Whitney Houston stan Jason A. Coombs to the show to discuss the mega-hit movie The Bodyguard for its 30th anniversary this month. Jason's watched the movie a hundred times, while Mark just watched the full thing for the first time! They break down the twists, the turns, the attitudes, the fashion, the high notes, and the lows of the second highest grossing film of '92, co-starring and produced by an oh-so-serious Kevin Costner. Plus, in the final 15 minutes of the episode, the two applaud the Whitney-produced, Brandy-starring 1997 ABC TV movie Cinderella, which aired 25 years ago this month and still sparkles.