Season 1- Ep 6 -eXistenZ

Pixel Theater

Jun 14 2021 • 46 mins

On this episode we are talking about the video game influenced, and very trippy, David Cronenberg movie, eXistenZ. This isn't one of Cronenberg's most well known movies, but it is a lot of fun, especially as it comes at a time when there were several films that tackled the nature of reality. Fans of the Matrix, Dark City and The Thirteenth Floor will also find a lot to enjoy with this film.

We are also joined by special guest Steve Weidner. Steve has played video games since the Fairchild Channel F system, but is primarily a tabletop RPG gamer. He has been a genre film nerd since his mom took him to a double feature of Barbarella and Fantastic Planet. He still has a working laserdisc player and too recently realized that he spends way more time shopping for weird movies than watching them. He supports his film addiction as an instructional designer at a small college in central New York.