Friday the 13th: Part VII - The New Blood

Apocalypse Video

Jan 13 2023 • 1 hr 10 mins

It’s that time again. Another Friday the 13th is among us. And as the great Chris Rock once said, “It’s about time they brought in some new blood…I just don’t want it comin' out of me!”.

I’m your host, Dave, and joining me again as we use our telekinetic powers to resurrect the man behind the mask our fellow cinephiles and writers rejected by every science fiction magazine in the country, Mike and Jackie.

Listen as we discuss the super convoluted timeline of the Friday the 13th franchise; we count the number of doppelgangers in this film, including a guy that looks like Christopher Reeve’s clone; and finally, we wonder what The New Blood would have looked like if directed by the producers original pick: Federico Fellini (yeah…THAT Fellini).

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That'll do it for this obligatory Friday the 13th episode. Jason will return this Shocktober in Friday the 13th: Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan. Listen...if you dare!