638: Giving Up on Getting It All Done, with Bonni Stachowiak

Coaching for Leaders

Jul 3 2023 • 39 mins

Bonni Stachowiak: Teaching in Higher Ed Bonni is the host of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast, Dean of Teaching and Learning and Professor of Business and Management at Vanguard University, and my life partner. Prior to her academic career, she was a human resources consultant and executive officer for a publicly traded company. Bonni is the author of The Productive Online and Offline Professor: A Practical Guide*. Listener Questions Jose asked about how to balance professional and personal responsibilities and get it all done. Jordan mentioned getting passed up for a promotion twice and wondering what suggestions we have on the feedback they have received. Ahmad asked us about resources for supporting high performances and team members who are struggling. Jenna shared a distinction between tuition reimbursement and tuition assistance that Dave expanded on. Resources Mentioned Getting Things Done* by David Allen Leadership Story Deck* by David Hutchens Start With Why* by Simon Sinek Hope for the Flowers* by Trina Paulus The Empowered Manager* by Peter Block Kim Scott’s distinction on Superstars vs. Rock Stars CliftonStrengths by Gallup Related Episodes How to Get Way Better at Accepting Feedback, with Sheila Heen (episode 143) Getting Things Done, with David Allen (episode 184) Five Steps to Hold People Accountable, with Jonathan Raymond (episode 306) The Way to Stop Spinning Your Wheels on Planning (episode 319) Finding Joy Through Intentional Choices, with Bonni Stachowiak (episode 417) The Way to Make Sense to Others, with Tom Henschel (episode 518) The Four Storytelling Mistakes Leaders Make, with David Hutchens (episode 553) How to Lead and Retain High Performers, with Ruth Gotian (episode 567) Discover More Activate your free membership for full access to the entire library of interviews since 2011, searchable by topic. To accelerate your learning, uncover more inside Coaching for Leaders Plus.