Encore: Sheryl J. Anderson: Creator of Sweet Magnolias

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15-02-2022 • 37 mins

Encore Episode : Sheryl J. Anderson, the Creator and Executive Producer of the hit Netflix show Sweet Magnolias, discusses how she started as a storyteller, the way her life experience made her uniquely qualified to create this hit show, and how faith has played a crucial role for her as an artist. She also talks about her life priorities and how she has been able to get where she is today.

On writing Sweet Magnolias, Sheryl explains, "We had a running joke in the writer's room that we wanted to make the audience laugh out loud once an episode, cry once an episode, and then whatever they wanted to do in between was fine. But the running joke became that we wanted to do that to each other every day in the room and we laughed a lot together and we cried a lot together."

This episode originally aired April 2021.

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